sTrike : Sustainable Transport Vehicle by Stefano Marchetto

This new innovative concept design by the Milan based Italian Industrial design student Stefano Marchetto can be said to be a nice practical thought. The name given to this ecologically sustainable transport vehicle is called sTrike and just like the name it is surely striking. In these times when everyone is fighting for the parking space, this practical three wheel concept takes care of lot of these problems. The frontal movement of the vehicle is with the help of the pedals just as in bicycle and the cocoon design on top ensures that the rider is safe in case of a collision. Thus it’s a safe and environment friendly city transportation vehicle.

strike three wheels vehicle

strike three wheels vehicle

strike three wheels vehicle

Designer : Stefano Marchetto

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2 thoughts on “sTrike : Sustainable Transport Vehicle by Stefano Marchetto

  1. Hello, I'm trying to find out more about the "Strike" bike. It is a 3 wheeler that can be used by a stroke victim. The one here at the top seems like a suitable choice. Can you please let me know the price, what it will cost to export to South Africa etc, please? Thank you. Jo

  2. It is a nice design but it is not complete without electric drive, which I need to assist me to cycle any reasonable distance in my neighbourhood. I have inadequate paddling power in my legs. May be the designer should borrow a a thing or two from the Germans with thier Twikes: see

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