Ugo Project Aids Children With Cerebral Palsy To Move And Play Without Any Assistance

Children who are suffering from Cerebral Palsy require special support for moving around and correcting their body postures since the disease limits their control over muscles. Ugo concept is a tool that gives children freedom of those movements that they are unable to do their own. It contains a padded saddle seat that can be adjusted to the required height with the help of the integrated motor to facilitate the child walking on the street with a correct posture or enter and exit the seat by their own without any assistance. Operating of the concept is done via a remote control that enables children to select the direction they want to move. Moreover, a range of accessories come with the concept that aid to attach a footrest or tables with the seat for added convenience.

Designer : Roberto Reyes and Søren Mølgaard Laustsen







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27 thoughts on “Ugo Project Aids Children With Cerebral Palsy To Move And Play Without Any Assistance

  1. Hi, this is shahbaz here from Pakistan.
    dear i want to purchase ugo cerebal palsy tool for my son. please guide how i can purchase this product. regards

  2. Hi would like to purchase the ugo walker

    Can you tell me the price and if you deliver to United Kingdom

    Please can you let me know ASAP please as this will be a great help for my daughter to have a independent way of moving around .

  3. How much do these cost I would love to get one for my son can you get with straps because my son also has epilepsy and how would you go about getting one

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