Sticord Innovative Plug Offers Energy Efficient and Convenient Operation

Sticord is an innovative plug concept, aiming to eliminate the hassle of searching a particular cord from a hectic bunch of cables that we usually have in our home and office to disconnect a device. This handy concept cuts off the flow of electricity when the device is not in use and also features intuitive indicator to let the user know if the plug is on or off. The inside yellow light shows if electricity is passing through and the blue round light means the connected device is on. Thus, user can easily know which device is consuming electricity, while it is not in use. The plug contains two pins, one remains inside the electric board, and another with the easy-push button. With a simple push, the pins get connected and flows the required electricity to run a particular device and another push will disconnect electricity.




Designer : Dongyeon Kim

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4 thoughts on “Sticord Innovative Plug Offers Energy Efficient and Convenient Operation

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  2. VERY WELL DONE!!! I don't know why I didn't think of that. When I see this up on the market, I'm buying it. You should sell the idea to computer companies and cell phone companies. Chargers always waste electricity, this will help consumers waste less.

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