SeAngel Helium Rescuing System To Rescue Passengers on A Sinking Ship

SeAngel Helium Rescuing System has been designed to rescue the crew accommodation on a sinking ship. The capsule is activated by pressing a button on the cap. When the cap rises, a built-in lamp illuminates the place of seats in the capsule. At this point, the system fills the dome with helium. User can sit down in a capsule, fasten the seat belt. Inside the capsule there is the lever (key) to release the capsule mounting, after user activate capsule, the system automatically activates the on-board GPS beacon (for signal transmission and retrieval of the capsule) while balloons are dropped down.

Designer : Fedor Porshnev

SeAngel Helium Rescuing System by Fedor Porshnev

SeAngel Helium Rescuing System by Fedor Porshnev

The capsule of SeAngel Helium Rescuing System is made of lightweight plastic and designed to protect its passenger against rain, wind and lighting. User can lose some gas in order to reduce the capsule to the desired height.

SeAngel Helium Rescuing System by Fedor Porshnev

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3 thoughts on “SeAngel Helium Rescuing System To Rescue Passengers on A Sinking Ship

  1. Seems a sensible way of leaving a vessel without entering freezing waters or dealing with waves in small lifeboats. On a small vessel in heavy winds and seas it may not be possible to deploy from the vessel but if they are on the lifeboats they would speed up rescue by their visibilty if deployed when the weather is safer. Winds are also likely to take the stricken seafarer towards land much faster than by boat.

  2. Place stool and not a plush chair. During emergncy escape, the person is looking for fast evacuation and not comfort. A lightweight aluminum stool will be sufficient and also reduce the overall weight, making it easier for faster lift-off.

  3. Test on cruise ship mockup, involve all cruise lines, cargo liners alone
    Have one house 2-4 persons per pod, or 8?
    X passengers aboard & crew.
    Must have & Test at Sea (off Hawaii, Caribbean, PR).

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