Espresso Coffee Anyone ?

These days fancy coffees have changed the way we drink coffee. Things have changed regarding coffee for everyone. Simple cup of coffees are gone and today is the world of high tech and high design coffee makers. If you are looking for easy control coffee machine, then Espresso model is the one with all advanced technology to make coffee. The display in this model shows the pressure in the bar and the temperature in Celsius. On the left buttons you can adjust both temperature and pressure whereas on the right buttons you can choose a half or full cup.

This Espresso Coffee model is transparent from the middle and gives you the chance to appreciate your coffee. You can actually fit your coffee mug inside the Espresso Model and not even a single drop of coffee will be wasted. Its black color gives a glossy look to the coffee maker.

espresso coffee model

future espresso maker

espresso coffee model

Designer : Jochen Laveno Mangelsdorff

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2 thoughts on “Espresso Coffee Anyone ?

  1. Espresso coffee is one of my favorite. I love to drink it everyday. This coffee machine is really nice. I already using this coffee maker. It is really nice and very easy to use.

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