Renault Hydroplane Concept : Hybrid Vehicle Between A Plane and A Boat

Renault Hydroplane concept was the diploma project for Florent Mennechet at strate college designers in collaboration with 3E-oeil Studio and Renault Design. It can be said this vehicle is a hybrid tourism vehicle between a plane and a boat. When this futuristic transportation on-the-go, the nose gets out of water while two independent electric engines propels the vehicle into the water. Unfortunately there are not much information about Renault Hydroplane, since it’s only a concept.

Designer : Florent Mennechet, Renault Design, and 3e-oeil design studio.
Project developed in 3e-oeil design studio, Paris 14.
Lead design : Florent Mennechet
3D modelling : 3e-oeil / Renault design
3D renderings : Bloc D

Renault Hydroplane by Florent Mennechet

Renault Hydroplane by Florent Mennechet

Renault Hydroplane by Florent Mennechet

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5 thoughts on “Renault Hydroplane Concept : Hybrid Vehicle Between A Plane and A Boat

  1. Needs escape hatch, room from 2-8 persons, Hybrid gas electric drive engines.
    adaptable for Boat Deck IE retract lower skis & engine modules.
    Ergonomic helm console.
    Make wide body to seat across & lengthwise.
    Otherwise Id ride in this Big time
    Test in Caribbean & Hawaii alone.

    Must for Iron Man 4 movie.
    Or Avengers 3 movie.

    Apps for:
    Search Rescue
    shuttle to offshore oil rigs.

  2. Geometry does not appear functional.

    If it runs with the pointed nose forward the submerging pontoons will cause a flow of water to rise up onto the wings adding weight and increasing the resistance. The other direction would result in higher air drag so the whole design seems off.

    The large surface areas with relatively thin attachments increase need for high strength reinforced polymers which increase costs, while the design limits will absolutely useless in foul weather or rough seas.

    Maybe if it was also a submarine. Otherwise it remains no more than a fantasy styling toy.

  3. Hello guys,
    I did the design of this hydroplane , it was my diploma project , and I was still student : so it was a demonstration of my skills in one project. (concept research , interior design, exterior design, story boarding, working with 3d modelers..etc) . It ended up as one fantasy project but there is lot of technical research behind . This project made me learn a lot and I would like to thanks the Renault Design team and 3E-oeil studio for the amazing chance they gave me.


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