Redesign Forklift Truck For Better Lifting and Maneuverability

Redesigning forklift truck is not going to be an easy task. Marc Zieger has come up with ingenious design for better lifting and maneuverability. He broke down each component and reviewed how each part works together.

Explanation about new Forklift Truck design :

This new approach is based on the strong, flexible structure of the spine, constituting a series of identical graphite steel segments, arranged in the form of a linear, uniaxial bendable pillar. The pillar is designed to curve the segments in only one axis, with a tension cable inside it to prevent buckling. The pillar’s segmented construction makes it possible to relocate the structure at an angle underneath the vehicle – it can then be moved out of its holding device using a gear transmission.

Designer : Marc Zieger

Forklift Truck Concept

Forklift Truck Concept

The grouping of two telescopic pillars increases the cross-bracing and opens up a larger field of view to the driver. The single ‘unicycle’ steering axle at the rear minimises the turning radius and has proved to be a space-saving solution in combination with the telescopic bodies. One possible area for improvement is an additional flexible telescopic section in the spinal canal of the primary pillar, to maximise the attainable height, which is otherwise limited by the length of the truck. Lift height would currently therefore be around three metres.

In conjunction with its hinged cabin, the vehicle benefits from a minimal pack size. It was an early consideration to use the forward movement of the truck to convert the feed rate of the pillar into upward movement, but this solution would require too high a vehicle mass, as well as overly restricting the navigability and manoeuvrability of the vehicle.

Forklift Truck Concept

Forklift Truck Concept

Forklift Truck Concept

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