Swiftpoint Mouse Hands-on Review

Still remember about Swiftpoint mouse we talked about before? Finally I got the chance to review this cool device.

Though it was recommended to charge it fully before using, I couldn’t resist myself tearing the box and jump on my laptop with it. Inside the box, you’ll find Swiftpoint mouse, USB receiver/charger, parking accessory, and a user guide. The Rapid Charge feature of the mouse was quite impressive which let me use it for more than an hour by charging it only few minutes. That one hour of use resulted cramp on my hand due to the unusual size, shape and working process I guess, that disappeared with further use later on, giving me a feel that this mouse is actually meant for using on the go. Though the mouse is smaller than those we see around, it’s not too small to hold it as a pen, gliding easily on the laptop palm rest. However, as 10″ laptop user, I have difficulty using this mouse on the palm rest due to the lack of sufficient space.

Swiftpoint Mouse Review

Swiftpoint Mouse Review

Swiftpoint Mouse Review

No driver required to use the mouse, the plug-and-play simplicity enables the mouse to be operated quickly on any operating system. The sensor of the mouse is so powerful to enable precise and accurate operation. Scrolling over documents is super easy and stylish, just I had to tilt the mouse and slide the scroll wheel. Moreover, the Slide Scroll feature of the mouse enabled page through scrolling and zooming to get a closer look. The inclusion of Smart Touch feature made it energy efficient by stopping the movement of the mouse pointer when the finger grip doesn’t detect my finger on it. The customizable up direction is another feature that made me amazed which enabled me changing the up direction of the pointer according to my need.

Swiftpoint Mouse Review

Swiftpoint Mouse Review

Swiftpoint Mouse Review

The USB dock charging system is really a handy feature of the mouse that not only can receive wireless signal from up to 30 feet distance, it also charges the mouse docked securely with the laptop. This arrangement also gives users the freedom to move as they want, without worrying about misplacing the mouse. A full charge takes only around one and a half hour which enabled me using the mouse since last 4 days and still going on. The mouse LED as the battery status indicator let me know that further charging is not required yet. I am pretty happy with Swiftpoint mouse, however, I may only use it when traveling instead of using it as a general mouse at home.

Some features from the manufacture

  • Wireless, rechargeable optical mouse
  • Small, easy to use
  • Natural pen-like grip with padded thumb and finger grips
  • Lasts 2-4 weeks between charges
  • 30-second RapidCharge
  • Left-click and right-click buttons
  • Scroll wheel with SlideScroll for rapidly scrolling, zooming and paging
  • USB dock for charging and wireless operation
  • Plug-and-play simplicity
  • Parking Accessory for parking the mouse
  • Customizable ‘up’ direction
  • Customizable SmartTouch sensor
  • Designed for right-handed use

From : Swiftpoint [But it here]

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