QuadUrban Makes Our Lives Easy In Today’s Urban Jungle

This is something that you would definitely want to ride on your way to work, school, gym or just for fun. It is agile and comfortable, being based on a medium-sized quad, meaning you can slalom your way through traffic jams or just use the space between cars as your own lane. It has a small gasoline engine with low emissions, making it Eco-Friendly and for those of you who think the side walk is an extra lane, the QuadUrban has independent suspension on all four wheels. It’s street legal, it has signal lights, head and stop lights, bumpers, seatbelt, extinguisher and a GPS. Small as it is, it also has a small trunk, where are deposited several useful items, such as the helmet and beacons, it is also the fuses panel and battery location. The designer, Sebastian Salanova, managed to create a unique vehicle, which is ideal in today’s cities and is an escape route for the adventurous kind trapped in the urban jungle.

Designer : Sebastian Salanova

quad-like-car-makes-our-lives-easy-in-today-s-urban-jungle 1

quad-like-car-makes-our-lives-easy-in-today-s-urban-jungle 2

quad-like-car-makes-our-lives-easy-in-today-s-urban-jungle 3

quad-like-car-makes-our-lives-easy-in-today-s-urban-jungle 4

quad-like-car-makes-our-lives-easy-in-today-s-urban-jungle 5

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