LIFELINK Offers Comprehensive Communication Alternatives For Extreme Rafting Guides

If an accidental situation takes place when you are rafting on the Colorado river in the most remote and mountainous region, what would be the first thing that would come to your mind for calling emergency support? Of course the guide will do that with his cellphone or the VHF radio he brought right? But where is the device? Inside the waterproof baggage of course, neatly kept so that it never gets damaged by coming in contact with water. In such an extreme situation, when everybody is panicked, distressed and confused, don’t you think it would be quite difficult for your guide to reach the device?

Let me introduce LIFELINK, an innovative safety communication device concept that has been especially designed for extreme water raft guides to communicate with other guides, base camp and emergency services. Being complete shock and waterproof, this device can be kept on the chest area of the life jacket of the guide, making it easier to reach in emergency situations. LIFELINK offers three ways of communication; verbal communication via VHF radio waves, sending and receiving text like a 2-way VHF pager and providing access to the local cellular networks, ensuring complete safety coverage for the rafters.

Designer : Peter Murphy






Additional applications of LIFELINK

1. Base camp could track a trips progress and course via the Internet with LIFELINK’s inbuilt GPS.
2. Times and locations of when accidents occurred could be recorded, aiding in the mandatory logging of accidents.
3. Strayed and injured individuals wearing LIFELINK could be tracked and located by Search and Rescue using GPS

in addition, LIFELINK could be used in other water sports/ outdoor activities including;
kayaking, canoeing, sailing, windsurfing, search and rescue etc…

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5 thoughts on “LIFELINK Offers Comprehensive Communication Alternatives For Extreme Rafting Guides

  1. Boy, this WOULD BE a great idea if it were satellite equipped. But as a 30-year Idaho guide running five and six-day trips on the Middle Fork and Selway, I can tell you there are NO cell towers anywhere NEAR where REAL whitewater adventure is happening.
    Back in the eighties some guys I worked with and I used radios called (brand name) "Shuttlecocks" when running the Middle Fork in high water. Very helpful…they were early headsets with belt packs. They were not waterproof however, so had to deal with that.

    Maybe this works in the east.

  2. Hi,

    I have been doing some research on this and can tell you that LIFELINK has been designed to have both cellular and satellite capabilities.

    see below…

    Help spread the word about LIFELINK!
    Being a Guide myself, we both know how dangerous white water sports can be!

    LIFELINK could help prevent future rafting accidents and fatalities!!

  3. Razor,
    Your use of many many exclamation marks and your excitement for a product that doesn't even exist yet makes me think you might be a bit of a shill…

    Maybe you could help by stating your relationship with the company. (Was it Peter Murphy?)

    This idea that it connects to both cellular and satellite for around ten bucks on an account is quite silly at this point in time. Sorry for seeming skeptical but you've hyped this on the Idaho Whitewater board as a done deal, and I now see it is not…people phishing for investors? Hmmm….

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