BestBefore Gadget that Reads RFID tags

I really hate to know that my food already expired without even have the chance to consume it. That is why I’m going to be very happy if this BestBefore gadget can be mass produced, I’ll definitely buy it. RFID tag is predicted to be used widely in the next 5 years, BestBefore gadget is designed to take advantage of RFID tag. This gadget will read RFID tags in your storage units, and keep a constant stock of your foodstuffs.

BestBefore gadget will alert the user to food which is going out of date and even suggest recipes to use food which may otherwise go to waste. It will create a suggested shopping list, and keep it updated by scanning tags entering the basket. The shape is designed to hook onto to the toddler chair of the trolley to allow easy viewing. This hook will also incorporate a magnet to allow BestBefore to be attached to the fridge.

bestbefore RFID tags concept

This isn’t just a nice to have gadget, some people will find it very useful to track their stock of food, and save some money rather than throwing expired food into garbage.

Designer : Peter Legg

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