Rolly Cook : Portable Oven Concept

Medical researches have shown that burnt food is always harmful for human body and are linked with the expansion of cancer cells. So, in order to keep your food unburned, you need to swirl it regularly which reduces the possibility of your food getting burned. Rolly Cook is a portable oven concept that can efficiently do this for you allowing more convenience and extra time to use for other purpose. This handy tool reduces the risk of burning your food in an innovative and well-designed way. It includes a central mechanism that spins two cylindrical containers on both sides. This continuous movement of the containers averts the risk of food burning.

rolly cook

The outsider container has a series of heating panels that can be adjusted easily for a less or more intense heat as required for a particular type of food. For lower temperature cooking, tow containers are added together with the help of a clump forming a shape of a binocular. When its time to cook something in higher temperature, only one container remains functional. Rolly Cook is offering great convenience to the users with its compact shape, easily moveable and rechargeable features and will be appreciated by all range of people. This product is an ideal choice for outdoor use to enhance the enjoyment of a camping.

rolly cook

rolly cook

Designer : Jin-Young Lee

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