Podi Lato Bicycle is Made From Aluminium and Recycled Materials

Podi Lato bicycle has been created with a bicycle concept that can meet the requirements of all range of people. The concept includes a two wheeler basic bicycle and an additional part that can be attached with this bike to meet the special requirements of an individual. This part can be used as a baby seat, double seat ideal for twins, mini container when shopping, an added seat for handicapped and many more. Finally, the two rear wheels and a broader seat are specially designed for people who are not able to maintain their balance during cycling.

Podi Lato Bicycle

Podi Lato Bicycle

From Nicolas:

In a world where obesity and poor health is increasing the impact of physical activities cannot be exaggerated. It is a common acknowledged fact that the health of people is becoming increasingly poor and something dramatic needs to be done. By making the use of a bicycle much easier, the motivation for driving a bike shall increase, and consequently the result may be better health.

The design aims towards motivating people to use a bike instead of either using a car or refraining from moving at all. By designing a bicycle which takes into consideration the concerns of people who normally will find it difficult to use a bicycle to move around, these people will more easily become motivated to go by bike, because their special requirement is met. These people can be parents with infants or small children, handicapped or people with handicapped children or family members, elderly people who find driving a normal bike too insecure etc.

Podi Lato Bicycle

Podi Lato Bicycle

Designer : Nicolas Nicolaou

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