Solar Pot Can Charge Your Battery Under The Sun

With environment friendly issues being the prime concern for all designers so is this new charging device. This new battery charging device or Solar Pot makes use of solar energy to charge itself. All one has to do is to place the discharged cell inside the stem of this charging device and then the place the charging device in the sun. The device then takes up the solar energy and thereby charges the battery. This device helps in recycling the dry cells the natural way, which otherwise is one of the biggest environmental hazard. Quite an eco friendly way to save environment!

solar pot solar battery charger

solar pot solar battery charger

solar pot solar battery charger

Designer : Jangho Kim via [Core77]

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One thought on “Solar Pot Can Charge Your Battery Under The Sun

  1. I think this is one one of the best things I've seen on this site. It's so practical, I can use it anywhere, it takes up hardly any space, it's green (environmentally friendly) and my favorite is that it's adorable(sorry, girly moment). I have 3 kids and so they have ten qaudrillion toys that take batteries. This would deffinitely help me save money and help teach my kids about conservation.

    I LOVE IT!!!!

    I'd like to see one that can charge more than one battery at a time though. Maybe even one that can charge different types of batteries, like cell phones, music player, portable came console, etc.

    Still love it though, when can I get one?

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