Phantom Sofa – Minimalist Sofa Design That Looks Like a Silhouette

Submitted by Igor Chak, the Phantom Sofa is a minimalist modem sofa that is completely hollow and has a shell that is only .75″ thick. Despite the thin profile, the frame is extremely strong, using a combination of carbon fiber with various internal metals that relieve the stress points. The thin pillows are also extremely durable and comfortable, consisting of honeycomb polymer and memory foam to relieve the stress of the pressure points and have full ventilation of the pillows.

The vision for the Phantom collection came from an idea of eliminating and minimizing all of the weight that comes with conventional furniture by just leaving the silhouette. This idea gave birth to a completely new style of furniture that has never been achieved before in production due to material and engineering constraints.

Phantom Sofa Design by Igor Chak

Phantom Sofa Design by Igor Chak

Designed by Igor Chak for Phantom Sofa, the idea here was to take a contemporary minimalist design and take it to the next level. All of the structural frames that hold the conventional sofa together are taken out and then they create an outer skeleton structure.

This patented Phantom Sofa is the only hollow sofa with an enforced carbon fiber outer frame in the world. Structural Analysis Simulation is used to identify the stress points of the sofa and has enforced those points with metal composite components, the result, a 1/3″ body wall thickness that elegantly wraps around giving you a solid frame silhouette with slight spring-like flexibility.

Phantom Sofa Design by Igor Chak

Phantom Sofa Design by Igor Chak

This furniture has been designed for the intent of everyday use. Despite the thin-looking pillow seating, the Phantom sofa is actually extremely comfortable. The pillow seating is composed of three layers: top and bottom are a memory foam type material with different stiffnesses, sandwiched between them is a stretch, grid-like polymer that keeps the temperatures cool and works as a relief for pressure points.

More images of Phantom Sofa Design:
Phantom Sofa Design by Igor ChakPhantom Sofa Design by Igor ChakPhantom Sofa Design by Igor ChakPhantom Sofa Design by Igor Chak

The signature Phantom frame is composed of a precision carbon fiber weave with a combination of internal metal structural components, that set’s the load limit on our frame to almost 1000 pounds. Once the Frame is assembled we use an Anti-fingerprint, Anti-smudge, Anti Static, UV Resistant, and extremely durable clear coat.

As for the fabric material, there are two base choices: an imported fine Italian Suede leather that is treated with anti-bacterial properties and a high tech, suede-like material that represents Italian quality. It’s animal-free, UV resistant, extremely durable, scratch, stain and water-resistant with anti-bacterial properties.

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