Ö Case II : iPhone Case by Löytö Esineiden

Based many feedback for Ö Case I, Löytö Esineiden has upgraded her design to accommodate user’s needs, this one is called Ö Case II. The main issue with previous design was the extra size of the case, it’s not acceptable as we always try to find slimmer and more compact phone. Therefore to answer the challenge to solve this issue, this industrial designer has re-designed the old case to feature removable case stand that doubles as the phone cleaning tool.

“I considered doing that extra space removable: you can convert Ö Case II with suede slip on a normal case simply remove that area and put it easily, and keeping the peculiarities of this area added are from the first design, that is, a clean towel for clean the touch screen of fingerprints and also to keep your headphones inside.

But I tried to go a little further. I thought. “If this part that I added the pull-out, why not give other functionality?” so I use the anchor movement itself on this part to keep your iPhone stand simply rotate the angle that you need, and, thanks to cuts in its vertical section, you can also keep your phone horizontally lying when removed completely (20° tilt).” — Löytö Esineiden

Designer : Löytö Esineiden

O Case II : iPhone Case by Loyto Esineiden

O Case II : iPhone Case by Loyto Esineiden

O Case II : iPhone Case by Loyto Esineiden

O Case II : iPhone Case by Loyto Esineiden

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