Nintendo Wii in 2010

The Nintendo Wii have revolutionized the way we know gaming but now it seems they are taking the same to the next level. After story about xbox 360 phone, now how about a mind-controlled game that Nintendo is proposing? T3 gives a little clue that all you have is a headset accessory that uses brainwaves to control characters and features immersing in-ear headphones. So just imagine a streamlined Wii emote with just one button, which you point and press and rest your brain takes over. Though brain-wave technology has already become a reality with Emotive pioneering in-game systems, but soon it seems Nintendo will come out with the first mind-controlled console on the market.

futuristic nintendo wii 2010

futuristic nintendo wii 2010

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26 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii in 2010

  1. Man… They say that soon we'll live in video games, as everyday lives… In a perfect digital world, sometimes forgetting about the real world… Soon, when we want to be at the beach, we're at a sunny beach, when we're hungry, the Burger King mascot will appear out of no where and actually hand you a whopper in person! xDDDD

    Sooner or later… We'll be living in a video game… o_o Maybe we already are… Maybe people from the future will use technology, from video games as a way to teach history class, and we're all just part of the experience. O_O

    And the cycle will continue on, and on.

    Okay. Video games, are just starting to freak me out, now. >_>

  2. It's not very scary. Have you seen the stuff emotive is creating or looked at it's developement kit. It can't read your mind. It needs to be trained like speech recognition on a computer. You have to think a thought and manually tell the system what thought you're thinking so that next time it knows that.

  3. This will be usefull yes but what about the first wii will we threw them all away whaen people get this new wii? Won't it vost a fortune?

  4. Haha, All this way from the little Famicon, You've got to love Nintendo. 😀

    Though I think if this is real, it's going to be amazingly expensive.

    But plus, when I play video games I panic sometimes, e.g- an enemy suddenly runs at you from around the corner, it might mean I think something by accident the Wii thingy interprets it and makes my character do something pointlessor ignores it and the my character doesn't move, then it's gameover.

    I'm not saying it won't be genius and fun to play, I just don't think it'll make gaming any easier or more complex

  5. technology can only go so far before riots break loose… i dnt believe people wanna have a mind reading thing linked to the internet… or maybe thats just me

  6. techno is advancing in every way it can make music like skrillex now it can now read ppls minds its scary ill admit it but………

    we all know that thechno will advance wether we like it or not we should embrace this new product

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