Noah, High Performance Personal Vehicle

Looks can be deceptive, that’s what designer Andrei França’s invention seems to authenticate. Noah, a high performance vehicle looks like a unicycle, but on closer observation one can see two tires which are mounted in tandem. The basic design of the Noah is to use the human driver as a control device, i.e. by using how we lean forward or back or say side to side and thus determining the acceleration, braking and turning. All this is done without the need of pedals or buttons. The tires act as stabilizers for the vehicle through the turns as they shift up and down against one another to give more control to the driver. So just take control and zoom ahead.

noah high performance personal vehicle

noah high performance personal vehicle

noah high performance personal vehicle

Designer : Andrei França Noah via Dvice

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5 thoughts on “Noah, High Performance Personal Vehicle

  1. It certainly abrupt and interesting design, but to brake on such this it's impossible. There should be 2 axes minimum. With it you will surprise nobody

  2. Maybe it's a stupid question but how is it gonna avoid that the driver doesn't fall ahead or back when he accelerates or brakes? and parking it?

    I really like it but i don't se how is this going to work…

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