LOOP Car Concept with Classy Design

Abhinav Dapke has come up with “Loop”, the new concept car that is not just a good design but much beyond. The car has been designed by Bahrain based Indian designer. By this design, Dapke has tried to link both the present and the future. The overall look and feel of the design is very creative and classy and also in the process is environment friendly. LOOP car concept design has silently proclaimed its commitment for going green.

LOOP car concept

LOOP car concept

LOOP car concept

LOOP car concept

Designer : Abhinav Dapke

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One thought on “LOOP Car Concept with Classy Design

  1. The nose car is beautiful except for the nose. I think it should be design for a little down force. With your design air will lift the car making it more efficient. The average driver will not be able to respond in a crisis situationas he might with more down force on the automobile. A nose closer to the ground will allow for better handling(think about formula 1 racing.)

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