Keurig Alta Coffee Brewer Works With K-Rounds Plastic-Free Pods

Keurig just released Keurig single serve brewing system which is completely reimagined coffee system. The foundation of company’s future vision is K-Rounds plastic-free pods, it’s a revolutionary new form of single service coffee. These K-Rounds pods are created from roasted coffee beans that are ground, pressed, and then wrapped in a protective plant-based coating to preserve its coffee’s flavor and aroma. There’s no need for plastic or aluminum container.

These new plastic-free pods will work in the new Keurig Alta coffee brewer, it’s part of reimagined Keurig system that allows consumers to make a variety of hot and cold barista-style beverages. You don’t need to master complicated brewing techniques, yet, you can still create bold coffee from espresso with velvety crema to chilled cold coffee.

Keurig aims to change the way we brew coffee through the introduction of the K-Cup pod single serve coffee system. The company has very ambitious agenda to provide variety, quality, value, and sustainability to all 45 million North American coffee consumers who use Keurig brewers. They will definitely discover benefits of a perfect cup of coffee which can be prepared effortlessly in their home. Since the coffee pods are plastic and aluminum free, it is possible to brew the coffee at both high pressure for espresso-based drinks and low pressure for drip coffee, cold or hot. Of course, K-Rounds plastic-free pods come in different sizes for specific types of coffee beverages and it will be marked with a code to allow Keurig Alta brewer reads and determine the precise pressure and extraction profile needed to get the full flavor, aroma, and richness. After brewing, K-Rounds pods can be disposed just like any other coffee grounds. [Buy It Here]

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