iTT Phone Design was Inspired by Audi

Sergio Gedanke has come up with a new mobile phone called iTT which endorses a classic look in stylish black and silver combination. The main menu button is a stark red one which is located in the middle of the silver fascia of the phone. The uniqueness of the phone lies in its screen which can be opened easily. When closed the screen features brilliant sheen and complements the silver grey color perfectly. The overall look of the phone is extremely classy and funky at the same time.

iTT phone concept

iTT phone concept

Text from Sergio:

The AUDI brand is a well-respected and trusted product in the automotive world. The iTT concept phone is a result of exploring AUDI’s form vocabulary on a handheld device such as a cell phone.

The iTT phone incorporates similar materials and finishes found on the roadster TT and the high-class A8 model. User-interface is also similar to current trends in both automotive interiors and hand-held devices such as trackballs and backlit customizable keyboards. The innovative tilting screen allow easy reading during driving.

iTT phone concept

iTT phone concept

Designer : Sergio Gedanke

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One thought on “iTT Phone Design was Inspired by Audi

  1. This phone design is horrible. It is a disgrace to Audi. How can a designer single-handedly bring down a company like this. You are a rubbish designer. Face the facts.

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