Fresh Storage with Photo Catalysis Technology by Lee Dongseok

The famous example of a father teaching his son about rotten apple may take a new meaning with this wonderful new concept by Lee Dongseok which takes refrigeration or storage of fruits to the next level. The designer has named the device as Fresh Storage which as the name implies is nothing but a new way of storing the freshness of the fruits using photo catalysis technology. This technology works on the principle that the ethylene gas, responsible to fasten the deterioration process if any of the fruits stored gets rotten. Also this technology is environment friendly and is quite powerful in retaining the freshness for a longer duration of time. Truly a whiff of fresh air!

fresh storage

fresh storage

Text from Lee :

When one piece of fruit goes bad, it accelerates the deterioration process of others. The reason for this is that ethylene gas is emitted from the bad fruit, which affects the other fruit around it. Fresh Storage works by removing the ethylene created in the process of deterioration by photocatalysis. This technique is powerful, effective, and environmentally friendly. Since ethylene is disintegrated by its reaction to photocatalysts in the storage system, the freshness of fruits or grains can be preserved for an extended period of time.

fresh storage

fresh storage

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fresh storage

fresh storage

Designer : Dongseok, Lee

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  1. I have a question: Is this product allready in the shop available? If not, why not? Are there any problems in the production? I would like to know more about this concept.

    Kind regards

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