Insecta, Futuristic Car Inspired By A Grasshopper

Insecta, as the name suggests is something related to insects, exactly what the designer Shao Yung Yeh thought of while designing this new revolutionized car. Inspired by a grasshopper he designed this car with such a unique combination of colors and design. This is a battery powered personal vehicle that looks much like a grasshopper with its legs connected to the central chassis as a thorax. Just as the abdomen of the grasshopper, a battery pack is fixed at the bottom pretending it more like an insect. With zeal to create something alive, the designer has developed this product that is light weight, agile and eco friendly.

insecta car concept

insecta car concept

Yeh is a 22-year-old designer who studied industrial design at Cheng Kung University in Taiwan. The technology he envisions for Insecta is as advanced as its styling. The battery pack shifts according to the car’s direction to maintain balance and handling. It uses hub-mounted wheel motors. And the adjustable suspension is one part bug-leg, two parts Citroën, changing the height of the car to suit traffic conditions.

Yeh doesn’t see someone like General Motors or Toyota building the car of the future in the future. “I think there would be more and more independent companies building unique electric cars,” he said. “They will be looking for innovative design languages and building up their own brand identities.”

insecta car concept

insecta car concept

Designer : Shao Yung Yeh via Wired

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