iBasket : Futuristic Washing Machine Concept That Sends A Message to Your Mobile Device

Are you bored of your washing machine? Then you might wish to try out this Electrolux iBasket because it will automatically clean your clothes with transparency. It is designed by Guopeng Liang at China Tongji University during an Electrolux 2008 Design Lab Competition. It is a real innovation with great potential to make the process of washing clothes less daunting experience. This laundry hamper will automatically wash your clothes once enough clothes are tossed inside as per the weight. You can also control the frequency of wash cycles. The iBasket will also send you a message on your computer once the cleaning is done.

iBasket electrolux washer

iBasket electrolux washer

Designer words :

“Failing to manage laundry and piles of dirty clothes is one of the many daily chores that are left unattended by so many busy people, whose jobs doesn’t leave them with time to take care of them. Whether you have a washing machine in your home or go to the corner laundromat, doing wash is a royal pain. Especially for the i-generation, who had whole hours pass in the blink of an eye, sometimes whole days get eaten up in some black hole and so household chores pile up. With a view to offer a little help, I have designed iBasket – a revolutionary washing machine that could really make life easier.

The i-generation are too busy working for their dreams. What if the whole laundry thing could be forgotten and both time and attention are saved for dream work?

The idea is to use this as a hamper, throwing your dirty clothes in as they accumulate. The iBasket then senses when the load is full and initiates the wash and dry cycle. Since it is Wi-Fi-enabled, you can control and monitor (if you’d like to do so) the concept washing machine via your PC or mobile device. Once the the cycle is complete, iBasket will alert you and send a message to your PC or mobile”

iBasket electrolux washer

iBasket electrolux washer

iBasket electrolux washer

iBasket electrolux washer

iBasket electrolux washer

Designer : Guopeng Liang

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25 thoughts on “iBasket : Futuristic Washing Machine Concept That Sends A Message to Your Mobile Device

  1. Where ca I buy the Ibasket? I live in Denmark and how mutch does it cost.

    Best regards

    Susanne Torbensen

  2. I hope they produce this! It would be very useful for a city-dweller such as myself who has no laundry hook-up and relies on shared laundry. Dryer functionality would make this even more revolutionary.

  3. This washing machine is a technological breakthrough. But did you know that washing machines can put your family’s health at risk? This is due to the fact that low temperatures and mixed loads are spreading dangerous bugs. I am really not at expert at this since I am an eye doctor but I just wanted to share this info.

  4. My wife was bugging me for the past one week to buy a new washing machine.We currently have a semi automatic one.She wants a fully automatic one though.This futuristic washing machine concept blew me away.I wonder what kind of washing machines, they will be selling a hundred years from now!

  5. It looks really stylish, but I'm not sure it's really that practical. It will start washing your clothes automatically, but what if I have some red socks with my white shirts? It means I will have to put my clothes in a laundry basket either way. The design is magnificent, but I am no sure if it could collect as much laundry as modern washing machines. Plus, it looks like a blender. And where are all the hoses? Just curious.

    But it will be a lot easier to clean the washing machine. Look at this article – http://geoffthesmith.kinja.com/how-to-clean-a-was… It's like a thousand words just for a simple cleaning. And this futuristic washing machine will be easy. Just a cloth probably.

  6. If this concept is come true in nearby future so it will make an miracle in electronic industry, Just look out how great concept this is and how much it will help to the related business like laundry services and dry cleaning services.

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