Grain Audio Over Ear Headphones Feature Solid Wood as Its Earcups

Grain Audio Over Ear Headphones feature solid wood for the earcups. It’s a great gadget for green conscious people who love modern design, it highlights the natural beauty as well as natural sounds. These over-ear headphones have been designed and developed with FSC certified solid walnut enclosure and hand applied zero VOC oil finish. The beauty lies in its simplicity, no need extraneous details, yet these headphones provide you with a distinct style.

Aside from looking good, these headphones are incredibly comfortable to war, the inline mic is streamlined and intuitive to use. No bright or flashy logo that makes you a walking advertisement, the combination of grey and walnut is perfect, stylish without trying too hard. The audio cable is thick and soft, very easy to roll up to keep in its storage bag. Once you pickup these headphones, the weight seems perfect, but once you put them on, you won’t notice it at all.

From : Grain Audio

Grain Audio Over Ear Headphones with Solid Wood

Grain Audio Over Ear Headphones with Solid Wood

For the audio quality, you’ll find the mid and upper range is pretty awesome, but for hip hop song, you might use other brand such as Bose headphones. Use a good music player from your smartphone, it will highlight the sound quality, the highs are sharp and crips, while the mids are deep, just perfect not overpowering. The overall sound from Grain Audio Over-Ear headphones is balanced and natural.

Grain Audio Over Ear Headphones with Solid Wood

Grain Audio Over Ear Headphones with Solid Wood

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