Leica Sofort Instant Picture Camera Frames Your Precious Moments Instantly

Capture magical moments in your life right where it happens with Leica Sofort. It’s the first instant camera from Leica, aiming to capture and frame those memories in your hand so that you can relieve it again and again. This camera offers combination of style and functionality in a compact form, an ideal companion for fashion-conscious people who also love photography.

Take it with you everywhere you go, frame every precious moment and capture it, quickly, intuitively, and creatively! The operation is pretty simple with variety of manual settings to help you taking control of your photo quality. Leica Sofort features programs suitable for every occasion, you can just pick the one you need, focus on the subject, and shoot. You can also prefer to customize the focused distance, flash, and exposure. It’s available in different contemporary colors: orange, mint, and white.

From : Leica

Leica Sofort Instant Picture Camera

Leica Sofort Instant Picture Camera

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