Jason Krajewski Created A Bluetooth Headset That It Is Functional As It Is Fashionable To Wear

The beautiful and stylish design, the simple lines and shape make this Bluetooth headset a true “tech-accessory”. The device comes in different colours so you can use it as a fashion accessory. The designers goal was to blend comfort, ease of use, and styling seamlessly into one. Jason found inspiration in everyday objects. Some headsets tend to fall out from your ear as you move around, walk or make sudden moves. The designer used for a comfortable fit, thermosetting plastic. This plastic is used in athletic mouth guards and has been incorporated in a removable ear loop. This potentially creates a perfectly forming ear loop to any ear size. This prevents the device from falling, as it fits perfectly inside.

Designer : Jason Krajewski

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The controls of this superb headset have been kept to the minimum, the device uses the principles of an MP3 player thumb wheel. This allows the user to create an intuitive use scenario, without removing the ear piece, to see what to do. The main round surface is pressed in order to answer or to dismiss a call. The ring surrounding the answer/dismiss surface can be rotated and acts as the volume dial. Styling inspiration was drawn from mechanical wrist watches. The current Bluetooth market is saturated with “techy” themed devices. Drawing inspiration from jewelry, literally defines this device as digital jewelry and creates a desirable, yet highly functional communication device.

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