Futuristic Frog eBike Features Hubless Rear Wheel and Void Body

Cool futuristic Frog eBike has been designed to celebrate the heritage of motorcycle design while looking at the bright future of electric transportation technologies. Every since bicycle was born like almost 200 years ago, designers and manufacturers have done impressive evolution to bring this two-wheeled transportation to the next level. Motorcycle was developed as the result from those efforts and continues to evolve as well. In these recent years, we have been facing the normalization of electric vehicles, it’s normal to see this technology to be integrated on the state of two-wheeled transportation design.

Designer : Frog Design

Futuristic Frog eBike by Frog Design

Futuristic Frog eBike by Frog Design

New technologies often become the motivation for industrial designers to conceive a new product or re-design existing product to become something extraordinary with the intention to make our life easier or our work more productive. Our current fossil fuel powered motorcycles are composed from many complicated systems, the electric version is going to change all this by eliminating combustion engine, we can remove the mechanical complexity. By developing less complicated system, we can enhance more impressive design.

Frog eBike is a concept electric motorcycle that captures the impact of an electric motor visually, there’s no combustion engine as you can see there’s a big void in the location where usually the engine is installed. The new electric motor’s copper coils moved inside a hubless rear wheel, at once streamlining the motorcycles composition and providing for a highly efficient and direct transmission of power. Frog eBike design is not going to be another bulky motorcycle, pay attention to the design element that provides a continuous formal transition from the back of the seat flows to the front of the instrument cluster and down around the void, this is where the batteries are located. The entire bottom chassis of Frog eBike is dedicated to store battery cells. In this way, the location lowers the bikes center of gravity, providing a stable and enjoyable ride.

Futuristic Frog eBike by Frog Design

Futuristic Frog eBike by Frog Design

Futuristic Frog eBike by Frog Design

Futuristic Frog eBike by Frog Design

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3 thoughts on “Futuristic Frog eBike Features Hubless Rear Wheel and Void Body

  1. meh…leave motorcycle design to the motorcycle designers.

    I don't see any passion, just a styling exercise…I also don't see a kickstand.

    Also, lower center of gravity? Drop the powerplant at least 6" closer to the axles then you can claim that.

  2. I quite like it, it’s minimalist, the fared in dial is cool. The centre of gravity thing? I don’t know it does seem very high up the void under the void is much bigger than the original void.

    “Leave motorcycle design to motorcycle designers” Nah the whole point of this site is to experiment and express ideas about any object you want.

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