Dr. Joy : Cute Pill Dispenser for Children

Children most often than not hate to take medicines, this is where Dr. Joy plays an important role to make the experience more joyful. Usually parents have to mix medicines with drinks or simply raise their voices in order to force their children to take medicine for their own good. However, when parents raise their voices, this scenario can cause great distress in a child who is already feeling nervous.

Dr. Joy is a dispenser in adorable and unique characters to bring some fun to the situation. Simply open all pills from the package and insert them into Dr. Joy dispenser. There are 3 pig characters point to different illness such as headache, chest problems or abdominal pain, in this way, parents can match child’s pills with appropriate cute character.

Designers : Kim Yeji, Kim Dohyung and Kim Bomi

Dr. Joy Medicines

Dr. Joy Medicines

Dr. Joy Medicines

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