Concept Aero Truck : American Long Haul Truck for 2030 by Josh Shercliff

This design began with the idea to instead look at the American truck from an aerodynamic perspective, in a bid to increase fuel efficiency over long journeys at high speed. The sleek design and wide arches allow for a more weighted grip to the road at high speed, along with giving other road users the idea of the vehicle being safe. The canopy styled roof gives increased vision on all sides to the drivers. Heavily influenced by dynamic vehicles like formula 1 cars and drag racers this is a British look at the American truck, crossing the American ideas of power and brawn with the European ideas of performance and style to create the ultimate in a new range of aerodynamic long haul trucks.

Designer: Josh Shercliff

American Long Haul Truck for 2030 - Concept Aero Truck

American Long Haul Truck for 2030 - Concept Aero Truck

This concept Aero truck will be at the forefront of technology for its time, in a bid to cut down on carbon emissions caused by the trucking business multiple hydrogen fuels cells and storage units will be used in the truck while the trailers will be developed with companies to install a large hydrogen storage unit into the floor plan allowing for extended range when hauling items.

American Long Haul Truck for 2030 - Concept Aero Truck

American Long Haul Truck for 2030 - Concept Aero Truck

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8 thoughts on “Concept Aero Truck : American Long Haul Truck for 2030 by Josh Shercliff

  1. Bad Boy truck, nice, great for hauling custom cars like that Volvo Wedge truck shape.
    Nice. Id drive this. The younger drivers will for sure,.
    add Head Up Display, GPS, cruise control ,ergonomics for driver use.

  2. I appreciate the idea of a good design, both aesthetically & from a practical perspex. However, I am an experienced articulated truck driver and I look at this concept & I am astounded at the ingorance, arrogance & niavity of even suggesting a design such as this.

    The flared bonnet area is totally impractical for manuvouring this vehicle both on the public highway and in the confines of warehouse and customer delivery situations. The fairing behind the front axle is shaped such that when reversing blind side in restricted locations, that part of the body work is unsuitably shaped.

    The front over-hang from the 5th wheel is too long, creating a hazard from street furniture even in relatively wide roads when turning.

    The concavity of the payload deck, if also present internally will creat manual handling difficulties when loading/unloading heavy pallets by manual pump truck.

    • everything is good man, literally it is standard length and manurving could easily be handled by an experienced driver, it is not resstricted to less movement by anything, although i do agree the over hang is a bit much

  3. Overall, from a practical perspective, after all a driver is going to spend his entire life driving this vehicle , whilst looking very flash, it is a toally impractical vehicle, & whilst I applaud the designers vision – somebody has wasted an aweful lot of time and money on something which would be a nightmare to have to drive. I wouldn't want to have to drive it! And in reality, a haulage firm would propably experience an increase in failed deliveries, due to access restrictions; involvement in road traffic accident incidents, extended transportation times as vehicle routing would have to be adapted to the dimensions of the vehicle – and all with their adherant cost implications to the customers & the products that the truck is delivering.

    • ok if you notice, cost effiecent, it saves on gas by using hydrogen fuel cells, it is standard 53 to 60 foot long trailer, has standard turn, it is just the look, it has increased aero efficency allowing more money to saved and wear and tear is less due to the hydrogen cell engine.

  4. Please, please, please would designers GET REAL! and have some sort of consideration for the people who are forced to use theproducts that they design. Surely, the mark of a good design also involves functionality. Which in my opinion this design is to be found lacking in many respects.

    Many designers should spend a little more effect in understand the products that they are attempting to usurp – i.e. understand what exactly you are trying to design before just doing it & then patting yourself on the back & saying how great it is, when in truth its impracticality renders it obsolete

  5. ok first things first this could easily be created now! we already have the technology! although i dis agree wiht others space is an issure, with all the stoarge for fuel where will the cargo be?

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