CarNurse Concept : Car for Medical Attention in Public Beach

CarNurse is a concept vehicle aimed to provide medical support for wounded at public beaches. The vehicle includes enough open space to facilitate the wounded and also can carry the friends or relatives of the patient to handle the situation more efficiently. The design envisioned enough room for 3 lifeguards, 4 people and a stretcher for the wounded. If the wounded requires more specialized medical care, this vehicle can perform both on land and in water for quicker transportation. The car has emergency storage space at the bottom of the lifeguard’s chair and under the stretcher for medical equipments to handle critical situations.

car nurse

car nurse

car nurse

car nurse

car nurse

car nurse

Designer : Juan Pablo Zapata

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One thought on “CarNurse Concept : Car for Medical Attention in Public Beach

  1. Test this in HI State, PR, FL & last CA.

    Great for beach use & Have tests in:






    Med Sea area

    Red Sea



    PR vehicle in new Baywatch revival movie?

    Local News

    Auto shows

    EMT Trade show

    Beach shows?

    Bikini shows.

    Nice idea.

    Make body more Boat like for In water use.

    Must have near jellyfish & shark infested beaches alone aside High surf areas &

    venomous coralhead beaches,

    Expand to carry 4 patients to shore IF not 8.

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