Cycleboard Stand-Up Electric Vehicle With Lean-to-Steer Design

Designed for all type of riders, Cycleboard Stand-Up Electric Vehicle is perfect for both conservative and extremely aggressive riders. It’s a 3-wheel personal vehicle that features lean-to-steer platform, everyone can ride it, regardless the age, background or ability level. Just step on and go, the advanced electronics provide you with a powerful silent hub motor to get you to your destination. Enjoy cruising down the street like never before, the intuitive lean-to-steer design detects your movements and reflexes so that the ride would feel natural.

From : Cycleboard

Cycleboard Stand-Up Electric Vehicle

Cycleboard Stand-Up Electric Vehicle

A fully charged battery can reach a range of 25 miles, the on-board electronics offer you 5-speed modes for better safety and control. Cycleboard can reach a top speed of 20 MPH while the ultra-responsive disk brakes would keep you safe.

Designed with collapsible handle, it means that you can take CycleBoard wherever you go. Just turn it into Trolley Mode when you are in tighter space such as on train, elevator, or you need to step up/down the stairs.

Cycleboard Stand-Up Electric Vehicle

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Cycleboard Stand-Up Electric VehicleCycleboard Stand-Up Electric VehicleCycleboard Stand-Up Electric VehicleCycleboard Stand-Up Electric VehicleCycleboard Stand-Up Electric Vehicle

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