Trik.E : 3-Wheeled Single Seater Vehicle by Eric Stoddard

Trik.E is a 3-wheeled human/electric powered concept vehicle that will offer all-season riding by protecting the rider from various weather conditions. This single seater features an innovative lean-steering mechanism that provides nimble but secured handling. The designer has not envisioned this vehicle as a bicycle, but as a great alternative of car for round the town transportation that can go everywhere a bicycle can go. The bike is easy to park and requires no license or insurance which means it will save a significant amount of money.

trik.e vehicle

trik.e vehicle

trik.e vehicle

trik.e vehicle

Designer : Eric Stoddard

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2 thoughts on “Trik.E : 3-Wheeled Single Seater Vehicle by Eric Stoddard

  1. LIke the thought of it. WOuld be something that I could use int he winter maybe and rain. Nice to have solar powered or eletric added

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