Aqua Pod: World’s First Floating Drive-Thru Kiosk in Dubai

Dubai’s lagoons have something unique where visitors can enjoy first of its kind experience while enjoying the sea. Aqua Pod is world’s first sustainable floating drive-thru kiosk, a creation that solidifies UAE position at the forefront of global innovation. So, whenever so, sea-goers feel hungry while at sea, simply pull up to the nearest floating kiosk to enjoy food and beverages, just like a traditional food truck.

Aqua Pod Floating Drive-Thru Kiosk in Dubai

Aqua Pod Floating Drive-Thru Kiosk in Dubai

For the first time ever, Aqua Pod from Aquatic Architects Design Studio (“AADS”) offers unique drive-through concept, it’s an innovative platform to get into aquatic market. Each pod has been designed with sustainability focus and every design decision has been carefully thought of to preserve the marine environment.

The Aqua Pod boasts a revolutionary architectural design with pioneering sustainability features, matching the UAE government’s focus on green initiatives. This unit can function as a waste collector wherever it is located, it eliminates the discharge of brine into the sea. This pod runs purely on electrical power, it also allows for the production of clean water from the sea.

“Salt Bay”, this is the first Aqua Pod kiosk, it serves creative burgers menu, it aims to rival city’s juiciest joints. This unique kiosk has been created in collaboration with F&B entrepreneur Koussei Kurbaj, it’s going to be the first of many creations that would be benefited from Aqua Pod platform.

Aqua Pod Floating Drive-Thru Kiosk in Dubai

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