The World’s Largest Indoor Golf Center in 2010

If you like golf, you deserve the “world’s largest Indoor Golf Center”. The concept of Golf Center is all set to take off in 2010 and it will be one of the best destinations to spend your golf vacations. Golf Center will be in Netherlands with 34 bays and 15000 square feet of golf practice facilities with bunkers and water hazards. Not only this, you will get the facility for kid’s training and wellness center with sauna and spa. The location of the center has not yet been finalized but few architects have undertaken the project. It is expected that the golf center will drive more than 150,000 visitors per year due to its amazing look and facilities.

indoor golf arena

indoor golf arena

indoor golf arena

indoor golf arena

indoor golf arena

indoor golf arena

Designer : Jon S. Standing

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9 thoughts on “The World’s Largest Indoor Golf Center in 2010

  1. Sorry to disappoint Jerald Fuller at Parmasters, but Indoor Golf Arena includes 15.000 m2 of golf practice facilities, not 15.000 ft2. The m2

    equals 160.208 ft2, so definitely world's largest.

  2. The Indoor Golf Arena is a hoax and a marketing scheme from the folks at ProTee United (who also started the – which has no members other than itself)

    There is no funding, there is no location, there is nothing to this – all smoke and mirrors.

  3. too much money. its deffinatly gonna cost someone's monthly payment in order for you to pay up for your load. maybe in the near future? when technology is cheap?

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