Adiva 250cc Convertible Scooter

Adiva just released a 250cc convertible scooter, a roofed scooter. This could be the answer for interested non-raider that always ask “what happens when it rains ?”, Adiva will answer it “You won’t get wet”. The foldaway roof stows in the top box compartment, probably taking a fair bit of luggage space with it, but then you can remove it entirely on nice days. The original patent design also shows some sort of bodywork extending a rail across the side of the bike to help deal with falls and side impacts, but it seems these haven?t made it to the roadgoing version.

adiva convertible scooter

convertible scooter design

convertible scooter

adiva convertible scooter

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9 thoughts on “Adiva 250cc Convertible Scooter

  1. most roofed scooters are horrifically ugly, but this concept manages to be quite gorgeous! Love those lines!

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