Portable PC Theater with Built-In Projector

This portable PC Theater is a full entertainment computer built for your pleasure. The small package makes it portable, take it anywhere you want. The reason why it is said as portable PC theater is because the built-in projector which can be removed for better positioning. The portable projector has two surround speaker system on both side of the body, you can enjoy a stereo speakers. The cable is hid in each body when it is not used, no more messy cable. Ready for your own theater ?

portable pc projector

portable pc projector concept

future portable pc projector

portable pc projector

Designer : Jin Woo Han

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6 thoughts on “Portable PC Theater with Built-In Projector

  1. I need this projector in bulk. Pls revert back the price and configuration details to my mail id. Hope U would reply soon. Have a nice day.

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