A Set of Frame AI Glasses Is Ready to Increase Your Productivity

Frame AI Glasses are designed to be worn just like a conventional pair of glasses yet it has AI capabilities to increase your productivity. You can wear these glasses just like normal eyewear, it features a bright 640×400 color microLED display with a geometric prism optic to deliver information to the user for unobstructed view of the world. Whether you use it for everyday activity or as prototyping tool, Frame is ready for your activities.

Frame is designed to fit almost all people, it weighs less than 40g and with normal use, it can achieve all-day battery life, thanks to Mister Power.

Brilliant Labs Frame AI Glasses

Frame Glasses by Brilliant Labs feature a 720p camera and voice commands that work in partnership with companion Noa app to deliver essential information as desired. It can handle certain tasks such as landmark identification, translation, or web searches. Frame has been designed for an IPD (inter-pupillary distance) range of 58-72mm, it covers almost all people, but the company suggest that you use Eye Measure app to gauge the right Frame for you. Powered by a whimsical Mister Power charger, it gives these glasses a cheap plastic “nose” like when attached.

Brilliant Labs Frame AI Glasses

Brilliant Labs Frame AI Glasses

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