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Xbox720 Conceptual Game Console by Tai Chiem

The Xbox 720 is a concept Xbox console specially designed to meet the next generation extreme gaming requirements with quite an extraordinary look. The design is not similar from any aspect with other previous consoles, which would be a debating issue among many designers. But when it is about the kids, they will just say ‘wow’ and go for it because of its unique look and prospective functionality. The designer has put his full effort to make it futuristic and the final outcome is a UFO shaped Xbox console with mystical curved metal bars along with a majestic greenish liquid light on top.

xbox 720 conceptual game console

xbox 720 conceptual game console

xbox 720 conceptual game console

xbox 720 conceptual game console

Designer : Tai Chiem

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rasp says: September 17, 2009

looks neat. but is that it?

JOJO says: September 27, 2009

if this is it will it be a contest and can i win it please

DANIEL says: October 7, 2009


annmarie says: October 8, 2009


blaine cox says: October 16, 2009

how much is the prices of the xbox720

blaine cox says: October 16, 2009


Elin says: October 20, 2009

Price Please

billy says: October 21, 2009

where is the controller and is this the real 720 whats the price to

TChao says: October 30, 2009

Having played the xbox unlimited this really isnt all that amazing.

flewid says: October 31, 2009

this pic has been floating around the net for some time now. although i don't design, i'm not going to say this concept is ugly. it just isn't functional or aesthetically pleasing to the eye of a gamer.

zits24 says: November 2, 2009

This is a neat design, but they're obviously not going to have prices out just yet. Keep in mind that it's only a concept, and they may not even use this design.

paul says: November 8, 2009

cooooool, where is the controller? i want this xbox 720. i waiting this coming out.

Zeki says: December 2, 2009

There saying the price is going to be 1000-1200 when it first comes out around 2011-2012.

Gilbert says: December 6, 2009

I think the fact that it is a conceptual design and not a real product falls short of most of your minds. Few things are more irksome than an individual that doesn't read.

Nikko says: June 26, 2010

Hello people, its a concept, it may not be the actual XBox 720 Microsoft will be designing.

stephen says: August 3, 2010

I think that looks absolutely awesome especially in green.

Sloane says: September 24, 2010

So sweeeeeeeeet

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