SkyTran – Futuristic Public Transport with Maglev System

SkyTran is a concept for high-capacity and high-speed personal rapid transport developed by an American Company UniModal Transport Solutions. This SkyTran system is two-passenger vehicles, propelled and suspended by maglev system. These are laid out in a one mile by one mile networked grid throughout the city. A large number of small departure and exit portals are placed underneath the guideways at approximately every 400 metres or at every city block.

skytran with maglev system

future skytran with maglev system

futuristic transportation with maglev system

SkyTran has no fixed routes or timetables. Users can simply enter any departure portal, get into the first empty vehicle in the queue and select their destination. The vehicle then speeds up on the acceleration lane and enters the high-speed overhead guideway.

sky transportation with maglev system

skytran with maglev system

Great concept, this will definitely reduce traffic jam, but with only two passengers for each pod, what about families ? Using SkyTran they have to sit separately. Hopefully UniModal will come up with new model or updated version of the SkyTran pods.

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2 thoughts on “SkyTran – Futuristic Public Transport with Maglev System

  1. 2 bad this cant be Demod in Disneyland CA park So CA & or EPCOT CENTER, FL.

    Ideal for urban use anywhere.

    Id have Pods carry 4-8 passengers.

    Prefab the rail modules & struts for faster assembly.

    Love to see Test system in:

    Wash DC VA

    Miami FL

    LA CA

    SF Bay area CA

    Mex City Mex


    Hong Kong

    Sydney Aus

    From Pod, User could also do these:

    Order Rental Pod at destinaiton

    glance news.

    play Wii game


    order gifts.

    etc enroute from Pods Comm Panel.

  2. For designing and development of futuristic mass transit system we have to think in a out of the box way. Considering huge population explosions in mega cities of future be it on land or floating on sea it must be very sleek and sophisticated and air-conditioned. It should leave zero carbon foot print and it would consume a fraction of energy consumed by present system. For a glimpse into the world of future please visit the website

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