Xavier Portable X-Ray to Provide Better Medical Care for Survivors in Disaster Area

Xavier portable x-ray has been designed for medical team to perform better medical care for survivors in disaster area. It’s nothing new that providing medical care in disaster area has always been a problem, especially when the victim requires a CT scan. Regular x-ray machine is pretty huge and hard to transfer, even small-sized machine still has too many parts and need professional to operate. This concept x-ray machine is compact and highly portable, perfect to be used in disaster area by doctors or medical team. They can use this machine to determine the condition and location of a broken bone using laminographic scanning.

Designer : Danwei Ye

Xavier Portable X-Ray by Danwei Ye

Xavier Portable X-Ray by Danwei Ye

Warping design allows Xavier portable x-ray folds into small rubber case for easy transport. Simply unfold Xavier in seconds to use it, the warp band can also be used as a fixing tool to fix the canning board on wounded body part. In disaster area, we usually face power outage condition, that’s why Xavier features a built0in rechargeable battery as well as power generator which are connected to one of the handles. When the battery power is low, you can pull the handle to generate extra power to charge the battery.

Xavier Portable X-Ray by Danwei Ye

Xavier Portable X-Ray by Danwei Ye

Xavier Portable X-Ray by Danwei Ye

Xavier Portable X-Ray by Danwei Ye

Xavier Portable X-Ray by Danwei Ye

Xavier Portable X-Ray by Danwei Ye

Xavier Portable X-Ray by Danwei Ye

Xavier Portable X-Ray by Danwei Ye

Xavier Portable X-Ray by Danwei Ye

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rene gaviola says: July 11, 2016

how can we buy this unit. we need one asap

Hitesh Kesar says: August 17, 2016

I would like to know technical details about “Xavier portable x-ray” and what will be the cost.

    Asad says: January 1, 2017

    I want to buy it, how much price and how can I receive it. I am from Bangladesh.

Carlos Arthur says: August 28, 2016

How can I make contac with the manufacter to have technical details and pricing.


zhaiyu says: October 2, 2016

I'm a doctor of china.i want to know the information of the divce more. How i can get the price and the representat? Thanks


Emanuel says: October 11, 2016

Hi, i am from Argentina. I want this machine. Price??? What is the time delay shipping

harish says: November 15, 2016

sir please let me know the price

ishwar says: December 6, 2016

Hello there. I would like to know technical details, such as capacity, pixels, batteries working or charging time and extra. Of course price is important as well. One important question, Is this x-ray machine FDA approved or not. I appreciate it in advanced.
Best Regards

William Braun says: December 13, 2016

How come i git a phone number to contact you please? ???

Andrey says: December 24, 2016

Price? and can you send to Moscow, Russia?

Altaf says: January 8, 2017

From where can i purchase it any contact number and price detail

Ahmed mujtaba says: January 24, 2017

Kindly provide me the contact for price and where to get it


Noel says: January 28, 2017

pl send the price and how can i get this machine i am in india .

Shekhar Kashid says: February 4, 2017

I want to buy this machine in India

Deepak says: February 7, 2017

Mail me price and want to buy this .please provide information

Edward Phahamane says: February 17, 2017

Dear Sir/ Madam, The invention is remarkable and worth a place in the most competing global medical markets. It would be met with some resistance but perseverance is the key to success with such inventions even if it is just a dream design.
If it is already available, it is worth my while to use in practice. Location: Lesotho, Southern Africa.

hamid raza says: February 24, 2017

what is the price i want to purchase plz contact me 03143410006

Innocent Lufungulo says: March 29, 2017

Is possible to get this machine. What is the price.

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