Smart Dish System by Jeongmi Lee

I hate washing dirty dishes, but who doesn’t? But I still do it anyway because I have to. But, what if your spouse or partner always leave dirty dishes in the sink and depend on you to clean them? I bet using this Smart Dish System concept will make them re-think about their decisions leaving dishes in the sink and wait for you to clean.

Designer : Jeongmi Lee

Dishwashing Battle - Smart Dish System Concept

The Smart Dish System detects who wash the dishes more often by installing RFID chips and Bluetooth technology within the dishes. It keeps records of the individual who washes them in a database. The data will then be used to move the electromagnetic power technology under the table to keep the dishes close to the person who cleans them more often. You can watch the movie clip below to get a clear idea of the Smart Dish System project, it’s pretty funny.

Dishwashing Battle - Smart Dish System Concept

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