WildWave Vehicle Is Not Your Regular SUV

Explore any landscapes easily with WildWave, not so ordinary SUV. This car is designed for an exhibition called “From Dream to Reality”. The first idea behind this futuristic vehicle was created by Iman Maghsoudi, an Iranian designer, which then modeled and finalized by Mohammad R. Shojaie with the help from Farzad Barkhordary. This cool vehicle has been designed with specific engine position that gives Wild Wave an impressive stability due to the weight percentage that is near 50-50 percent.

Designer : Mohammad R. Shojaie

Wild Wave Futuristic Car

Wild Wave Futuristic Car

Wild Wave Futuristic Car

Wild Wave Futuristic Car

Wild Wave Futuristic Car

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stephen russell says: August 17, 2010

Hey Nissan, Toyota, Honda, Lexus, Kia, Build this, Id drive this, trade in my Rogue for this one & Id Rent.
Radical shape.

Unknown Realist says: September 13, 2010

Pretty cool.
im not sure about the design as it seems it would be hard to clean…..

Victoria Carey says: October 21, 2010

ok so when can i get in it for a test drive

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