TriFan 600: Next Generation Vertical Take-off and Landing Airplane

TriFan 600 is a new generation of an airplane that can do vertical takeoff and landing. This six-seat airplane gives you freedom to travel, transporting you door-to-door rather than airport-to-airport. Using 3 ducted fans, this airplane lifts off vertically and in seconds those 2 wing fans rotate forward for a seamless transition to high-speed flight, it’s designed to fly as fast and as high above predominant weather, also as far as other business jets. It gets you to more places in a shorter period of time.

The company claims that in just 90 seconds, this airplane reaches cruise speed, the lift is provided by the wings just like other fixed-wing airplane, when the fuselage mounted fan no longer needed, it closes up. Since this airplane lands vertically, the pilot can land it whenever there’s a clear helipad sized paved surface, very practical, no runway required. It will significantly save your money, especially for dual owners of jets and helicopters.

Designer : XTI Aircraft

TriFan 600 by XTI Aircraft

TriFan 600 by XTI Aircraft

TriFan 600 is equipped with advanced safety features such as autopilot and computerized controls for takeoff and landing. Inside, passengers can enjoy luxury, comfortable cabin that satisfies most discerning needs. The modern spacious interior features elegant surfaces with intelligent high-tech features, 1 pilot and 5 passengers.

The flexibility beats those helicopters and business jets or other aircrafts. This airplane is backed with a solid plan, proven technology and safety. Fly in style.

TriFan 600 by XTI Aircraft

TriFan 600 by XTI Aircraft

TriFan 600 by XTI Aircraft

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stephen russell says: September 14, 2015

Lisc to produce this, mass produce this.
Improve training for any pilot to fly this.
Test in So CA & No FL.
Lisc to Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft alone.

Added models:
VIP Exec
longer fueslage for 80 passenger commutter airliner.

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