Supernova Is Your Robot Assistant At Home

I’m really interested in anything that related to clean my dirty laundry the easy way. Supernova robot might be the answer to my prayers. This robot assistant will identify all your problems using smart lasers. It will clean, wash, and laundry all objects from all materials flawlessly and ecologically. Since this robot uses smart lasers, there’s no need for water and detergents, it keeps your wallet fat. Supernova is designed to work automatically, all you need to do is to set up the control mode, the software offers wide library of options and with one single touch, it will begin to perform the task. Having a diameter of only 40 cm makes this robot a very compact and charming object. In fact, when not in use, you can treat it as a lamp, a cool lightning system in your house.

Designer : Desislava Sredkova

Supernova Robot Cleaner

Supernova Robot Cleaner

Desislava explains how it works :

“Works on the following stages – first question smart laser scanning robot in the volume of the subject, analyze it, localized unwanted particles dirt, no matter how deep into the tissue or material to be penetrated and then transferred to a burst mode of existing targets. A similar principle is used today in removing of cancer cells in the medicine. Also, lasers can be used for cutting all kinds of items, this ability is perfection to a level which can function as a 3d plotter for cutting even ice sculptures.”

Supernova Robot Cleaner

Supernova Robot Cleaner

Supernova Robot Cleaner

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Stephen Russell says: August 31, 2010

Test this at EPCOT Center FL, Disneyland Tommland, CA,
JPL, CA, other Science Expos, Radical & ComicCon, ComDex & HGTV
Fine Living Network, HSN, Oxygen, Oprah Winfrey, SyFy Channel, Science Channel.

Sloane says: September 24, 2010

I want one.

pstock says: December 23, 2011

Hilarious! And who doesn't need a "lightning system" in his house?

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