Cook-Art Allows Versatile Cooking Experience with Style

The Cook-Art concept has been designed for the next generation kitchen where users can cook in a more intuitive and stylish manner. The concept features induction technology and sensors to enable users decide the heating area with bare hand touch on the surface. This innovative cooking panel makes things easier by distinguishing different cooking process for different cookware like pot, pan and even plates, which is essential for ultimate kitchen convenience. It features 5 different heat levels that can be selected for particular food via front touch buttons. Additionally, the stylish appearance and compact shape of the concept will complement any kitchen environment.




Designer : Fatih Can Sarıöz

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4 thoughts on “Cook-Art Allows Versatile Cooking Experience with Style

  1. What kind of a jackass are you? You don't have the sense God tried so hard to give you!!! Regardless of your induction system; the surface is still HOT!!!! Their isn't an immediate cool down time when the stove is heating up!!

  2. @ john warren

    if u dont like the idea design dont need to leave such hateful comment calling some1 a jackass…i dont know wt kind of god u belive in….but i am sure he wont like wt u do….

    this is just a idea and a design…it can be change in the future to be made into a real object/model

    Leon Licker.

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