CLEF Digital Music Note Stand Concept

Music note stand is important part for musicians when they are playing an instrument. Turning each pages can be very hard while at the same time they can’t stop playing their music, they will need some help from an assistant. Based on that idea, CLEF was born. CLEF is a conceptual digital music note stand which also supports computer functions such as surfing the web, listening to the music, multimedia editing, etc. Musicians can read through flexible LCD and turn each pages in this digital music note by using a wireless foot pedal, they just need to press the foot pedal or touch the main screen (if they are able to) without having to stop playing their music.

The simple prism shape and contrast of black and white deliver the simplicity and elegance of classical music. On the outer design, it shows aesthetically pleasing focal points with circular shapes and curves.

clef music note stand

clef music note stand concept

The top priority of this project was the incorporation of several components (such as a base, a foot pedal, and a display) into a portable computer and making this at a compact size. CLEF is designed with a foldable base, a detachable foot pedal, and a wide, flexible display rolled inside. This design makes the entire unit portable and handy.

clef future music note stand

clef futuristic music note stand

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3 thoughts on “CLEF Digital Music Note Stand Concept

  1. I am a musician, and I see how this helps for clef note players, but what happenend to the treble clef players?

  2. HI, Locxx from South Africa. Musician! How far are you guy with dstributing this technology and which part of the world is it used?

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