Sea Scooter Can Give Great Surfing Experience Even in No-Wave Sea

Sea scooter is a compact, lightweight and ergonomic concept water ride that can enhance the surfing and skating experience even on no-wave sea surfaces with great safety. The concept features a compact, yet powerful motor that can propel the scooter fast enough to replicate the feeling of surfing. Not only that, being constructed of lightweight composite materials and featuring a retractable pivot handle, the sea scooter is very much user-friendly and is easy to carry. Because of its compact shape and size, balancing the scooter in the sea might be difficult; however, the stabilizing fins make it possible for the rider to find their equilibrium quickly. The propeller is guarded to eliminate the possibility of the rider to getting injured in case he or she overturns the scooter.

sea scooter

sea scooter

sea scooter

sea scooter

sea scooter

Designer : Kwan Ken Yong

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Stephen Russell says: March 18, 2010

Must for Hawaii, Caribbean, Mexico, PR, FL, Med Sea, No Africa, Greece, India, Australia, Fiji, Radical

H.K.SHIP ART CLUB says: April 23, 2010

good !

Philippe says: May 24, 2010

Where can i order this, who is the manufracture?

ELI says: February 21, 2013


ELI says: February 21, 2013


Tarek says: June 23, 2014

How I can get this sea scooter
pleae advise as soon as possible (with details)


Chris says: October 28, 2015

Please contact me I am very interested in this sea scooter

Chris says: December 9, 2015

Please send me more info u want to buy couple asap

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