CarvX, 4 Wheels Bicycle for Extreme Off Road Experience

This new concept is going to offer a 4 wheels bicycle with extremely unique features. It is hard to believe that CarvX is a leaning bike with four wheels which can lean all the wheels with the help of steering techniques. This unique technique will surely provide new way of riding a bicycle. The frame of this bicycle is made from aluminum and has 4 independent double wishbone suspensions. Not only this, bike is equipped with 4 hydraulic disc brakes and 14 speed Rohloff hub. There is no need for much power from your side in order to achieve high speed and falling or loss of control is just impossible with CarvX.

carv bike with 4 wheels

carv bike with 4 wheels

Designer : GBO DESIGN

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14 thoughts on “CarvX, 4 Wheels Bicycle for Extreme Off Road Experience

  1. hi im in perth western australia and was wondering if the carvX 4 wheel bike will go on sale soon.and how much and how can i purchase them,thank you ,hope to hear very intrested in them.

  2. What Nathan and Nguyen said, only that I’m in Berlin. What the teaser forgot to mention, is that you can use your handpower as well as your footpower to drive this amazing vehicle, since steering is done by tilting.

  3. I NEED this bicycle. Have been a fan of it for years. Would love ANY info about it. HOW CAN I OWN ONE!?

  4. How fast you reckon it Could go safely with an engine on it What would it take to make it street legal. You know how much they cost.

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