Re_FlowerPot Enables User To Repot A Plant with Great Convenience and Efficiency

The Re_FlowerPot offers an innovative way of moving plants from one pot to another without the conventional hassles associated with the process such as spilled soil, broken pot and even damage to the plant. This simple looking pot gives user the convenience to divide it into two pieces, taking out the plant along with the entire soil and root structure of the plant, and repotting the plant into another standard pot. In this way, not only the process becomes easier and more efficient, the plant also remains in its full health condition without loosing any of its roots during the relocation process.

re flowerpot

re flowerpot

re flowerpot

re flowerpot

re flowerpot

re flowerpot

Designer : Hyunjun Kim

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meya says: March 24, 2010

I like to be planting flowers.

Pollen was hard to really do this ..

It's a practical idea.

We'll expect a good design.

Have a nice day.

lee ji hoon says: March 24, 2010

good design!

Jeun says: March 25, 2010

Seems like a great idea. I could use one right now in my office. Do you have any plans of actual manufacturing?

a.y.byeon says: March 25, 2010

this is a very simple-looking flower pot, but I think it's hard for us to imagine this design easily.

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